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"A statesman is a dead politician. Lord knows we need more statemen." ó Opus
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    Declaration of Noncompliance Be a part of the solution by committing yourself to making life hell for the bad guys.


    Conceal Your Firearms Courtesy of Canadaís Firearms Freedom Foundation (and as seen at Firearms & Liberty) This is a detailed and carefully illustrated guide to storing firearms safely and unobtrusively in an ... antagonistic legal environment.

    Dodge the Bullet? Hell, Iíll Make One Among my newly acquired hobbies is black powder pistol shooting. I picked up my first cap and ball revolver to see how easy it was to make my own ammunition, thereby rendering gun control laws moot. The answer? Itís pretty damned easy.

    How To Make a Pen Gun A simple plan with a diagram included for frustrating the gun banners with a homemade .22-caliber gat.

    Your Basic Pipe Gun Wood, pipe, cartridge, BANG! Well, thereís a little more to it than that, but home armaments donít get much simpler.
         Strictly speaking, this particular blueprint for fun has been bouncing around the Net quite freely, and I donít know its origin, so if youíre a copyright lawyer with an axe to grind, play nice.

    Make Your Own Black Powder Many of us scrambled it together as children, drawing on recipes copied from encyclopedias (I know that I did, and somehow I survived the experience). It fueled firearms for centuries and is still endlessly useful. This recipe is drawn from a larger collection of things that go BANG, and though the entries donít all pass the common-sense test (which is why theyíre not all here), this one surely strikes me as safer than the extremely dangerous dry mixes I created on a regular basis as a young rebel. Caveat Emptor, try this at your own risk, not for illegal purposes and if you do have mischief in mind ... well ... donít get caught.

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