Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Fortunately, nobody was hurt when cops in Worcester, Massachusetts, went a-calling and knocked on the wrong door.

Ms. Carreiro said she watched the incident from her West Street home, which is near 1-3 Cottage St. She described seeing about 10 police officers wearing camouflage, bullet-proof vests, helmets, boots and carrying guns, heading toward her backyard.

“When I got to my deck, I saw another team of police on my right empty out of a similar van that had stopped on Cottage Street,” she said.

“As they lined up along the front of the house, one police officer broke a window with what looked like a crow bar and threw a flash/stun grenade — I had no idea at the time what it was — through the broken window,” she said. “A leaden silence followed the deafening blast from the grenade and the next thing I heard was one of the police say, ‘Do we have the right house?’ As they realized they had the wrong house, I heard grumbling and swearing from the team.”

Police Chief Gary J. Gemme denies that his troops would ever use a flash-bang grenade inside a dwelling, so the witness must be mistaken.

But not as mistaken as the cops who got the address wrong.

Let me note here that I went to college in Worcester. In the '80s it was ... umm ... a pit. I can't say I'm feeling very nostalgic.



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