Monday, September 24, 2007

A peek behind bars continues

Remember Dave Ridley? He's the man who told his tale of arrest and non-violent non-cooperation after he was targeted for distributing leaflets at an IRS office. Well, he continues his fascinating story here.

My tormentor from the previous night returns, now interested in debate more than deprivation.

First he parades back and forth in front of my cell pretending to fire a machine gun in the air. He says: "militiaaaaaaaaa!" Apparently he has decided that I am in one. We talk for a while about open carry and other topics. You never gave me your name, I tell him. Ralph DiFelipo, he says. I reply that he did not need to give me his full name. It's okay, he says, you militia boys can find me and we'll fight it out. I tell him I have no interest in that sort of thing, and he leaves.

When the conversation resumes I remind DeFelipo that I have never used violence since the day I punched a schoolmate in 11th grade. I say probably you use violence once a week or so in this jail. So don't judge me so quickly. He concedes the point. We talk about the legality of so many controversial things in New Hampshire, the libertarian culture there, the unfair taxation in Mass.

And as the hours turn into days, my tormentor begins to relax, to look out for my interests, to serve as my best source of conversation. He returns to the cell every hour or so with questions about our movement. We'll turn violent someday, he taunts....everyone starts out peaceful with pamphlets. You're going to be just like David Koresh.

But, he says grudgingly, you're stubborn.

It'w worth reading for a little insight into the mindset of people who willingly serve the state, and also for a taste of what appears to be a productive strategy to follow when seized by such people.

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