Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Paul bucks draw overdue notice

Just a few minutes ago, Fox News's Shepard Smith bit the bullet and had Ron Paul on to discuss the libertarian-Republican congressman's draw-dropping $4.34 fund-raising million haul on November 5. The interview retained some of the usual snarky, dismissive tone of Fox's non-coverage of the Paul campaign, but face time is face time. Other outlets are also recognizing the fund-raising coup, with respectful coverage coming from ABC News, Associated Press, MSNBC and Reuters, among others. Editor & Publisher, the trade journal of the newspaper industry, asks in a headline: "After Massive Fundraising This Week -- Will Press Stop Underplaying Ron Paul's Race for White House?"

Obviously, money talks. Paul is probably going to be drawing more coverage -- even if grudgingly -- from the media.



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