Friday, November 30, 2007

Special treatment for a special cop

Let's see ...

New Hampshire State Trooper 1st Class James A. Conrad led police on a high-speed chase, threatened to take a fellow officer's gun and "shoot him and everyone in the room" and fought with an internal affairs unit officer who tried to arrest him, and the result is:

...misdemeanor charges of criminal threatening, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He also is accused of harassing and intimidating his wife of 24 years, Laura, in violation of a protective order.

In addition, Concord city prosecutor Tracy Connolly ordered the police to keep Conrad's police booking photo from the press -- a very unusual move, since such photos are usually made public.

Does anybody believe that a mechanic, shopkeeper or doctor who engaged in such conduct would receive such relatively lenient treatment? Threatening to shoot a roomful of police officers alone would land the average person in a simmering cauldron of hot water. And then the culprit's photo would be plastered all over the media as an enemy of society who has been reeled in by our brave protectors in blue.

It's amazing, but even when cops go completely off the reservation, their friends on the force and in the prosecutor's office still rally around their own, giving them kid treatment and special favors.

Conrad's wife is, not surprisingly, divorcing the man. I strongly suggest that she relocate out of the area and beyond the reach of her husband and his pals.



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