Thursday, January 31, 2008

Totally unscientific candidate visibility index

So, based on the visibility of their campaigns as I drive around running errands, how are the various contenders for the powers of the U.S. presidency doing in my area?

Over the past many months of electioneering, only three candidates have had any visibility at all, ranked below in diminishing order of in-your-faceness:

Ron Paul

An abundance of yard signs that pop up with the surprising regularity of the paperboy in Better off Dead. Turn a corner, and there's another one; turn another corner and ... Oh my God! They're everywhere!

Paul's support is also visible on bumper stickers, and in the message "Go Ron Paul!" soaped on the rear window of one guy's truck.

Mitt Romney

Several (OK, two) yard signs along the road.

Barack Obama

One bumper sticker seen on a car outside Mount Hope, a natural foods store in Cottonwood.

Winners: John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, that's right. Nobody really likes McNasty enough to put his name on their bumper or in their front yard, but they'll still go through the motions of voting for him. The Arizona State University's Cronkite/Eight poll has McCain at 41% support, well ahead of Romney's 18% and Paul's anemic 2%.

Likewise, I have yet to meet anybody truly enthusiastic about Hillary, but she still polls in this state at 45% -- almost double Obama's 24%.

Unfortunately, visibility measures passion, but winning isn't about passion; it's just about rousing enough people to detour to the polling station to check your name after stopping by the diner for chorizo and eggs. They may do so grudgingly and without any enthusiasm to speak of, but if they do it at all, you nab the big prize.



Anonymous Duff OMelia said...

I think your post is quite insightful. I think the same logic applies to straw polls and funding.

February 5, 2008 6:19 AM  

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