Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Busted for 'dude'-ing

Says the Baltimore Sun:

A Baltimore police officer was suspended yesterday after a YouTube video surfaced on the Internet showing him berating and manhandling a teenage skateboarder at the Inner Harbor.

On the video, the officer, Salvatore Rivieri, puts the boy in a headlock, pushes him to the ground, questions his upbringing, threatens to "smack" him and repeatedly accuses the youngster of showing disrespect because the youth refers to the officer as "man" and "dude."

An incident involving a fat, rage-a-holic cop in shorts and a uniform that make him look like a bumble bee has to be seen to be appreciated.

I'm guessing that respect for Officer "Dude" Rivieri's authoritah is taking a nosedive along his assigned beat.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) theft (of a skateboard)
2) battery
3) whatever the MD abuse of authority charge is

The only solution to bad behavior like this is termination. No desk job at night at the auto pound-fire him, before he kills somebody. This guy is WAY too unstable to be part of the gov't monopoly on deadly force.

February 15, 2008 12:25 PM  

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