Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The circus continues

So Hillary Clinton took Pennsylvania by ten percent. That's enough of a margin to revive her campaign and keep it going for a few weeks, but not enough to give her a shot at the nomination unless she wins over superdelegates or poaches Obama's elected delegates -- which could happen, but would probably devastate the Democratic Party. That means continuing spectacle for us political junkies who enjoy watching power-hungry politicians go at each other tooth and claw.

The only thing better would be a cage match with an assortment of edged weapons scattered in the dust, but I think Hillary would win hands down. Hands down that is, until she stood to display Barack Obama's still-beating heart for the assembled audience.

Extra credit to Hillary for driving the New York Times editorial board into a hissy fit.

I just wish the Republicans had a similar battle going on to keep things evenly balanced and that much more interesting.



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