Friday, May 9, 2008

All hail the guy who isn't your guy

A new poll (PDF) from Diageo/The Hotline shows that, to a much greater extent than is the case for the Democratic candidates, John McCain's supporters are rallying less to back him than to oppose the donkey party.

That's supposed to be a sign of Republican weakness I guess, and it's sure a sign of tepid enthusiasm for the GOP's presumptive nominee, but it strikes me as probably a lot healthier than the potential alternative.

Placing faith in a politician is a sucker's bet -- they're mostly power-hungry sociopaths who will do or say anything in order to attain office. (Did somebody say "Hillary Clinton"?) So the cult of personality that has come to surround Barack Obama -- and which even his followers are capable of recognizing and mocking -- is a little unsettling. Should a mere political candidate hold that much meaning to so many people and consume so much energy and attention that could otherwise go to more sensible pursuits such as family, friends and Internet porn?

Republicans are capable of their own man-on-a-white-horse fantasies of course. Many conservatives want an imperial president -- McCain just isn't the Caesar they have in mind.

Given the harsh realities of politics, I think a lot fewer Americans will be disappointed come November, if they go to the polls with the idea that they'll be voting against rather than for.



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