Monday, October 13, 2008

Beware the next 'illegitimate' president

Deranged lefties have been howling for eight years that George W. Bush stole the White House -- courtesy of a cabal of conservative Supreme Court justices in 2000, and then by disenfranchising voters in 2004. The result, of course, has been the illegitimate rein of King Bushitler.

Well, now the righties get their turn to chew the loco weed. In the midst of revelations about voter-registration shenanigans by the left-left-left-way-left ACORN organization, and stories of Barack Obama's ties to the same group, some conservatives are already howling about the impending coup of Obama's red brigades. Writing on his organization's Website, Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson has all-but written off the election as a fraud:

But the question should be asked: If Obama does win based on a plan of massive voter fraud, intimidation, and outright criminal activity, how will he govern? How can anyone who has attained the office through tactics more akin to tin-horn dictators ever have the legitimacy to govern?

The answer is self-evident, he will have no legitimacy. Every act he and his dutiful lackeys in Congress take will have no legitimate base with the American people. As someone who will have only attained power through the crude, thuggish actions of ACORN and their allies, nothing he says will carry the authority or respect all law depends on to function.

(A little full disclosure: I used to work for ALG under a less hyperventilating regime.)

Obama better hurry with his coup preparations, if he heeds Naomi Wolf's warnings and plans to beat Sarah "Evita" Palin to the punch.

I have no doubt that some extra-democratic finagling of the electoral machinery is under way -- on both sides. The dead have had a way of rediscovering their enthusiasm for democracy (and Democrats) at least since the days of LBJ, and Republicans have a funny way of cleaning up voter registration lists along lines that shed minorities from the rolls in disproportionate numbers.

Big deal.

The real outrage isn't that a few percentage points are shifted one way or another in these regular popularity contests, it's that the contests have come to matter so damned much. Red and blue tribal loyalists shriek about each other's perfidy because they have conspired to intrude the state into virtually every area of human life. Having created a government so powerful that it tells them what size toilet they can install in their homes, steals the lion's share of the average shmoe's gross play, and kicks in people's doors for smoking the wrong plant (weed or tobacco -- your choice) or playing poker without a permit, they've suddenly discovered that who's in charge is really important.

And so, yeah, they're playing fast and loose with the electoral rules to get the "right" people into office.

Didn't see that one coming, eh?

Here's a small suggestion for both lefties and righties, for whatever it's worth. You know that nasty, slobbering beast you've created out of the government? Take it out and shoot it.

We'll start over again with something that minds its manners and leaves us all alone. Then it just won't matter in which cemetery ACORN is finding its latest registrants, or which neighborhood got dropped from the voter rolls.

Until then, these battles are just going to get nastier.

And every president will be "illegitimate."



Anonymous M.S said...


Great blog!! Wish I would've stumbled across it some time ago. You definitely hit the nail on the head with this post. I saw this trend starting back in 2000 and am just about sick of it already. I imagine you're correct, it'll only get worse.


Phoenix, AZ

October 14, 2008 12:39 PM  
Anonymous Duff OMelia said...

> Having created a government so powerful that
> it tells them what size toilet they can
> install in their homes, steals the lion's share...

I'm so glad our government is watching people like you who'd like to have ginormous toilets. :)

I really enjoyed your post and it got me thinking a bit. It seems to me that most Americans don't even realize how much of their freedom is being stripped away. It's almost like we've forgotten what it even means to be free (if we ever knew it in the first place.)

I'm wondering if there's a site out there that just lists all of the nutty laws that are ridiculous violations of our liberty. I know there are sites out there listing what some would call "dumb laws"; however, their definition of dumb is often different from mine. I'm looking particularly for a list laws that restrict our freedom.

Perhaps a twitter account could be a good way to gradually create a list of laws which would never exist in a truly free place.

October 15, 2008 9:15 AM  
Blogger J.D. Tuccille said...

I don't know if a database-type presentation of nutty laws, which I agree would be a great resource. is a good place to look for stories about excessive regulation.

Glad you like what you see! I hope you keep coming back. (And don't miss my columns, some overlapping with my work here, at Civil Liberties Examiner.)

October 15, 2008 9:28 AM  

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