Monday, February 2, 2009

Spark it up, Michael Phelps

In a perfect world, Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps would respond to the publication in the News of the World of a photo of him smoking from a bong with a loud call for drug legalization. Can you see the quote: "Hey, if I can win 14 gold medals while smoking grass, how bad can it be?"

I know that's unrealistic. Sure, there are some athletes, like former NFL lineman Mark Stepnoski, who have made a name for themselves as advocates of legalization. But Stepnoski was a pro who, presumably, banked his paydays and can now thumb his nose at the drug warriors. Phelps is enjoying his paydays now through endorsement contracts with a host of companies that are potentially skittish about being associated with marijuana in even the most minor way. For Phelps to take on a controversial cause now would be to trade away his earnings.

But what a spokesman Michael Phelps would make. A top-notch athlete who dominates his chosen sport -- clearly suffering few, if any, ill effects from the recreational use of an intoxicant that just happens to be out of favor with the current gang of powers-that-be. He would be a powerful example that moderate use of marijuana and other for-the-moment illegal intoxicants can be harmless -- and even beneficial.

Maybe Phelps could testify to marijuana's power to lower tension, reduce stress and really help him achieve his goals.

Of course, in a truly ideal world, Phelps wouldn't have to worry about sponsorships. That photo in News of the World would have had big marijuana companies clamoring for his endorsement.

And a few cocaine outfits courting his favor, too.



Blogger Johnny said...

Michael Phelp's character doesn't come out well either way.

On the one hand he should behave in a manner respectful of the contracts he's taken with companies as a company representative and not engage in such unlawful behavior. In the particular case of sportsman sponsored by a company this is much more so than a run-of-mill employee of a company. The law, taken in the round, is pretty much arbitrary when all is said and done and, given he might be operating in different countries with different customs, he has an obligation to "When in Rome do as the Romans do" whatever stupid regulations there are.

Or, a much better choice, he should man up and come out and say prohibitionist laws are bullshit and people shouldn't stand for it, whoever and wherever they are.

Whatever, he's clearly a douchebag.

February 3, 2009 3:41 AM  
Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Luckily for Phelps, he's not Tommy Chong, who got tossed in prison for nine months for just advertising and selling bongs that HAD not been used in any illegal manner.

Phelps will be like that other druggie, Rush Limbaugh and never see a day in court, let alone prison.

P.S. Nothing against druggies, some of the most friendly people I know smoke and toke.

I'd much rather be around someone getting loaded on some choice homegrown than someone getting smashed on booze.

As for me, why I'd NEVER, EVER break any laws promuglated by the feds, after all, they work for We the People, right?


February 3, 2009 10:15 AM  

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