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"A statesman is a dead politician. Lord knows we need more statesmen." - Opus
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    I'm J.D. Tuccille, a writer and editor based in northern Arizona. I work, with excellent and highly talented colleagues, as a contributing editor, and former managing editor, for Reason.com -- the online incarnation of Reason magazine, the journal of free minds and free markets. It's a hip, well-written and very relevant publication in this oh-so fast-moving world of ours.

    I'm also the author of the gonzo adventure novel, High Desert Barbecue, currently available from Amazon (paperback and Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), Google (DRM-free ePub) and Lulu (PDF ebook free of digital rights management). Written in a style that might be described as Edward Abbey meets Hunter S. Thompson, conspiracy, arson and ineptitude threaten the desert West, and only a misanthropic hermit, a subversive schoolteacher and an unemployed business writer stand in the way.

    When not writing novels, I can best be described as a political scribbler with a deep concern about personal freedom. My provocative and often witty columns (yes, I said "witty") have appeared in publications including the Washington Times, the Arizona Republic and the Arizona Daily Sun.

    Eminently notable and quotable as I am, I've been cited a few times by the media in the pages of The New York Post, Las Vegas Review-Journal, The New York Times, National Review, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and other publications.

    An enthusiastic explorer of the American Southwest's deserts, mountains, and forests, I live in rural northern Arizona with my pediatrician wife, my son, and our dog.

    If you'd like to tip me (and why wouldn't you?), my bitcoin receiving address is: bc1qrpfxvfyh4q7248cdtfcetde58wcjezx5xv7srt

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