Friday, October 5, 2007

A representative government that represents who?

Way to go America! New poll numbers show public support for both the President and Congress is at a historic low.

Only 31 percent said they approve of the job Bush is doing, according to the survey released on Thursday. His lowest previous approval in the survey was 32 percent — a virtual tie with the new reading — recorded several times, most recently in June. ...

Congress' job performance was approved by just 22 percent, continuing a steady decline in the public's assessment since Democrats took over in January. Unable to force Bush to wind down the Iraq war, just a quarter of Democrats gave a thumbs-up to Congress' work, compared to a fifth of Republicans and independents.

When sports teams get numbers like this, they abandon their empty taxpayer-funded stadiums in the middle of the night and move to new towns half-way across the country. Do you think we could get our politicos to emulate that sort of venue-shopping? Maybe Bush and Pelosi will share adjoining seats on a red-eye flight to new digs in some politician-friendly banana republic.



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