Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you want to be bankrupt or bankrupter?

The other day, I mentioned that both Barack Obama and John McCain "favor higher government spending," without going into the details of what that means. Specifically, the National Taxpayers Union, which tallies the cost of candidates' policy proposals, says that Obama's promises would increase annual federal spending by a whopping $343.9 billion. McCain's promises would cost taxpayers an extra $68.5 billion each year.

Even more troubling, the annual costs of each candidate's proposed policies have been rising as the campaign progresses and the promises fly fast and furious.

Details for Barack Obama here (PDF) and for John McCain here (PDF).

Leave aside, for the moment, the supposed pluses and minuses of any one or more of the entries on these policy wish lists. Where, after eight years of near-record federal spending -- the most profligate government spree since the days of LBJ -- is the money for these added expenditures supposed to come from?

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