Monday, August 25, 2008

Famous in Cornville

Hey, just a brief note that a trimmed version of my post on doomed legal crusades leading to an escalation in law-enforcement tactics has been picked up by Arizona's Verde Valley Newspapers as "Unenforceable laws lead to police abuses."

I hope other papers run it too, although I have no control over that, beyond distributing the pieces to opinion-page editors. My new affiliation with probably raises my credibility in the eyes of mainstream journalists, though, so I'm curious to see if pick-up on my OpEd distributions improves now to something like the success I enjoyed the last time I had a formal affiliation. It's interesting how a commentator can be considered a serious voice if on the staff of a two-person operation based out of a boiler room, but just another crank in the wilderness if writing on his/her own.

I'm old enough that print publication still somehow seems a bit more "real" to me than online publishing, even though the Web is a vastly superior medium in terms of reach, speed, elimination of the middle man (editors -- sorry, you ink-stained wretches) and the ability to write as much or as little as I like without worrying about trimming or stretching to fill a hole.

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