Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're not paying for that stimulus scam

I'm not the only one asking Americans to put lenders on warning that if they feed the U.S. government's nasty spending habit, they're on their own -- we won't pay them back. There's a new Website devoted to the same message: Repudiate The Debt. The site's slogan is, "you didn't rack up that bill -- the politicians in Washington did."

The new group s also represented on Facebook, where it already has 285 members as of this today.

C'mon, folks. We can screw up the federal government's credit rating and cut off the flow of cash if we really try.



Anonymous Victor MIlan said...

Ah, but hasn't the government arranged for that already - through the magic of the hyperinflation that's driving the "stimulus?"

The odds are good that debts incurred today will be paid back in the not-too-distant future at infinitesimal fractions of a penny on the dollar. See Zimbabwe - or Weimar Germany.

Of course, in hyperinflating the dollar, the USG is repudiating its own debts.

I wonder how grateful we'll all be to the pundits singing the praises of inflation when bread costs a billion dollars a loaf.

February 5, 2009 10:51 PM  

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