Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sorry we tortured you, now piss off

Let's say you wanted to commit an injustice and then really compound the crime--all while exposing yourself to public vilification.

Why would you do such a thing? I don't know. Perhaps you're a masochist with a taste for humiliation.

Put aside the "why" for a moment though and go with it: What would you do to achieve the above goal?

Here's an idea: You could kidnap a man based solely on the fact that his name is similar to that of a notorious terrorist. You could secretly transport him to a location far from home. Once there, you could subject him to months of torture at the hands of hooded lackeys. When it becomes glaringly apparent to everybody involved that the abducted man is no relation to the bad guy with the sound-alike name, and has no secrets to spill no matter how hard you beat on him, you could dump him, without an apology, in a remote location hundreds of miles from home. You then, of course, deny the bewildered abductee any redress upon his return home and the very public stink he makes surrounding his treatment.

C'mon, you say, I like being despised as much as the next guy, but no way am I dumb enough to pull a stunt like that!

Maybe not--but the CIA apparently is. The poor fellow who got snatched and abused is a German named Khaled Masri, and the U.S. Supreme Court just declined to hear his case--without explaining its reasoning.

Just ... astounding.

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